"Simply put, it's gorgeous stuff... 'Finding Time' is available now for a "name-your-price" download." [read]

"Hats off to the team at Ten Million Sounds for putting together one of the best instrumental compilations we’ve heard in a minute." [read]

Ten Million Sounds was featured and interviewed for a four-page spread in Kimi Magazine (print, issue three). 100% of Kimi's profits are donated to Eating Disorders Victoria.

“Like a soothing and peaceful soundtrack to the early morning hours, the tracks are a heavily atmospheric bunch filled with warmth and rich blends of acoustic and synthetic materials.” [read]

Whether you’re walking along the East River at sunset with headphones in or ditching the city for a journey through the woods, Finding Time is a well-crafted compilation that will smooth out each step along the way.” [read]

"The forest on the cover reflects the music on Finding Time: calming, atmospheric instrumentals that take you from the early morning sunrise to silent late nights." [read]

"Great compilation from Ten Million Sounds..." [read]

" 'Ifeelu' is a dreamy, mid-tempo ambient track laced with airy effects. Coupled with ambient vocals, it resonates a spiritual sensation that will tingle you in the core." [read]

“Whether driving, working, or simply enjoying life, Finding Time fits the mood perfectly.” [read]

"I recently had the privilege to chat with Jesse Sussman, the man behind Ten Million Sounds, a non-profit label which releases compilation albums and donates 100% of the sales to charity..." [read]